Recognition Display for Military Leadership

Recognition of Command Awards and Navy Medicine Leaders

It’s easy to see that leadership is valued greatly at MCB Camp Lejeune. After all, the military base draws it name from longtime Marine leader Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune. He served over 40 years! Likewise, those same standards of leader recognition are upheld at the Lejeune Naval Hospital Center. The hospital wanted to pay homage to the leadership in Navy Medicine. They also wished to acknowledge Command Award recipients. As a result, they turned to the internet for some display ideas. While searching the web one day, hospital officials discovered an employee recognition display that our sister company had fabricated for the Baptist Hospital Board of Directors. They liked the display board so much that they wanted one of their own. Thus, they reached out to the display pros at signgeek for their custom display request.

Signgeek went to the drawing board and designed a custom recognition wall display for the Naval Hospital. Our design included photo panels, nameplates, and dimensional letters. The goal of the wall display was to honor the leaders in Navy Medicine, as well as a variety of the Command Award recipients. The display board was to be shipped to Camp Lejeune upon completion.

Laying the Groundwork for the Recognition Display

Silver and blue plywood display base

To start things off, we used firm MDO plywood for a stable base. After all, every signage project starts with a solid foundation. The blue sections you see are high-grade countertop laminate. Our technicians applied brushed aluminum countertop laminate for the middle piece. We used genuine high-quality brushed aluminum – not a faux material. This method saved on money and weight versus cast aluminum.

Acrylic Photo Panels

Acrylic photo panels with film inserts on standoffs

We know that leadership roles change every now and again, so we made sure the acrylic photo panels were interchangeable. On the same note, we printed each photo insert on easily-changeable film. The black aluminum Vista nameplates are adjustable, too. Each panel is mounted to the display board on MBS aluminum standoffs.

Furthermore, we lined the acrylic photo panels with a black trim on the top and bottom edge. Our craftsman CNC routed PVC for this border. The trim was finished off by applying a vinyl overlay to the plastic. This simple addition to the PVC adds an elegant look.

Assembling a Recogntion Display

Dimensional Letters for Recognition

Next, we crafted the dimensional letters by routing each character on our CNC machine. This material had a brushed aluminum face. Our craftsman painted the sides with a complementary silver to match the front of the letters. For correct spacing, we placed the letters inside a vinyl stencil before final application. Once lined up properly, we peeled back the stencil to reveal the accurately-placed dimensional letters.

Manufacturing dimensional letters gives us the ability to thoroughly overlook the creation process. In addition, we do not have to outsource for lettering. Having our very own Matthews Paint Station allows our team to color match a brand’s identity colors, too. Both of those capabilities make signgeek more valuable as a fabricator.

Dimensional Letters on Recognition Display

Finishing Touches on Recognition Display

As the project came to a close, our technicians wiped down the boards and panels, leaving a shining appearance. The brushed aluminum letters and laminate will be sure to catch the attention of a future passerby.

In short, these two recognition displays fall under numerous categories of signage and display systems. They exhibit honor and respect towards the Navy Medicine leadership. The display also gives kudos to command award receivers. All of this corporate recognition is displayed primarily through dimensional letters and acrylic photo panels.

(P.S. – We were unable to get photos of the final installation, as our team did not install the product. )

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