Top 5 Ways to Create Recognition Displays

What are Recognition Displays?

Custom recognition displays help you appreciate and call attention to individuals that are important to your company. They can be designed and built with an assortment of materials and goals in mind. Let’s jump in to our 5 top ways to showcase recognition.

1. Corporate and Employee Recognition Displays

A portrait-style wall display is a great way to celebrate your board of directors or top-performing team members. Custom built recognition displays can help you create a fascinating lobby or hallway centerpiece. These wall additions will uplift and inspire performance.

Board of Directors lobby photo display for Baptist Hospital.
Board of Directors lobby photo display for Baptist Hospital. Built and installed by signgeek.

Take a look at this Board of Directors photo display for Baptist Hospital pictured above. It is a mixture of brand colors and acrylic photo panels. Paired with brushed dimensional letters, this design is sure to catch the attention of team members and visitors alike.

2. Historical Timeline Walls

Don’t allow your organization’s story to be left in the past. Compiling your organization’s history with a historical timeline can captivate and inform visitors. This custom historical timeline wall shown below displays decades of company history. Pictograms, plaques and vinyl text are the main items used for telling the company story here.

NSPA Company History Wall - signgeek Recognition Displays
Historical timeline for National Standard Parts Associates. Design by Lori Rose Designs.

These timeline exhibits can feature a variety of subjects such as keepsakes and photos, company milestones, team member achievements, and founders. Dimensional letters and shapes can make important moments stand out. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when sharing your brand’s beginnings.

3. Company Values Walls

Why not get your employee values out of the handbook and onto your office wall? A specially crafted display will share your goals and closely-held company values. Furthermore, your company values wall will help motivate employees and inform visitors. This product will also serve as a way to communicate what’s important to your business.

History donor wall at Manna Food Pantries
Company values wall for Manna Food Pantries. Fabricated and installed by signgeek.

The acrylic wall display above shows brand history and recognition with company values sprinkled throughout. The addition of aluminum standoffs adds a unique and interesting look.

4. Donor Recognition Walls

Share gratitude for the people who make your business possible with a custom-designed donor recognition wall. Recognition displays can help your donors to feel appreciated and cared for, and encourage potential donors to give as well.

Donor recognition wall at YMCA Pensacola - signgeek Recognition Displays
Donor recognition wall for YMCA Pensacola. Designed, built and installed by signgeek.

Donor walls and displays also act as an excellent way to spread brand awareness. This YMCA donor wall grabs the attention of viewers with its bold brand colors and smooth design. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the dimensional aspect of each and every donor name.

5. Military Chain of Command & Leadership Recognition Displays

From medal of honor recipients to command awardees, recognition wall displays are a great way to salute those who have served and currently serve in the military. Why not acknowledge their achievements with a custom designed and stunning display wall?

Employee recognition wall display for Naval Hospital Pensacola. Built and installed by signgeek.
Recognition Wall Display for Naval Hospital Pensacola. Built and installed by signgeek.

You can commemorate the past and present with a display made from acrylic photo and information panels. This naval hospital wall display stands out to viewers with its MBS standoff system. Meanwhile, the brushed backers create a continuous shining frame for the images and name plates.

Many Ways to Recognize

Well there you go. There are several great methods to display recognition for your company or organization. Dimensional displays and photo boards can help make sure team members and leaders get the honor they deserve.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when showing company values and history. Custom timelines and wall displays are an excellent way to create a snapshot of where your institution came from and where it is going.

signgeek Can Take Care of Your Recognition Display Needs  

If you need help in deciding how to recognize or share your brand, signgeek is well-versed in this area. We can design, build and ship custom displays. (In fact, all of the pictures above were projects of ours.) We’re a national brand with decades of experience in donor and employee recognition systems. Our team specializes in a variety of recognition products ranging from donor walls to company history timelines.

Browse through some examples of our recognition displays to get inspired and see what kind of work we do. For more information on our Recognition Display products, contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or [email protected].

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