How Donor Signs helped YMCA Members Find Their Way

Wayfinding Signs and Donor Recognition

The future hallways of the brand new Downtown Pensacola YMCA were in need of wayfinding signs to guide its members throughout the brand new, expansive and up-to-date campus. The YMCA made a secondary request for interior donor ID signs to honor entities that took part in making the new establishment a reality. Therefore, these needs prompted the YMCA to reach out to signgeek. Our services began from the moment they brought our team in for consultation and planning in the preconstruction phase. Room signage doesn’t happen to double as donor recognition on every occasion. That alone made this project particularly special. 

Creating the Donor Signs

YMCA donor room signs

We helped the YMCA find their way by crafting all multilayer wayfinding signs. Each room sign has ADA braille so those of every need level can confidently navigate the YMCA. Our team painted these signs in-house using our Matthew’s Paint custom mixing station. Owning our own mixing station equips us with a potential to precisely match the brand’s identity colors.

Directional Signs

YMCA directional sign

Furthermore, signgeek included directional signs in the wayfinding system for the YMCA. Directional signs help guide patrons and team members around the campus hallways and offer potential destinations. They are a crucial part of any wayfinding system, especially buildings with long passages or corridors.

Donor Sign Construction and Installation

Donor room sign installation by signgeek at YMCA Pensacola

To start things off, we used a digital plotter to create the signs with PVC along with applied vinyl lettering. Our crafters cut each piece of PVC to the specifications needed by use of our own CNC Routing table. Furthermore, our experienced technicians also assembled and installed the new signage.

Dimensional Letter Donor Signs

Donor room signs with dimensional letters for YMCA Pensacola

If you were to visit the Aquatic or Health and Wellness Centers, you’d notice larger donor recognition room signs paired with each of the vast spaces. We used dimensional cut and painted PVC lettering for the typography method here – adding a unique twist to the wayfinding signage. 3D letters allow an ordinary room or area sign to quite literally stand out.

ADA Compliant Room Signs

YMCA ADA compliant room ID signs

Lastly, we can’t help but mention the custom branded ADA compliant signage that the YMCA ordered to outfit the facility. For the backers, we cut acrylic and second-surface applied vinyl graphics. We used a Rowmark substrate for the face. The tactile raster braille beads and raised engraved characters are all ADA compliant. These elements make the facility friendly for each and every visitor. 

Donor Recognition Wall

YMCA Donor Recognition Wall

In addition to the sign system for the building, our team also designed and built a donor recognition wall display to recognize those who generously gave. The donor wall is tiered from larger donations in the center of the wave outwards to the tip of the wave. The brand colors stay consistent between the room signs, directional signs and donor recognition display.

signgeek: Your Donor Recognition Partner

Our company is well-versed in donor recognition systems. We have thoughtfully designed and built a variety of signs, boards and wall displays that creatively honor steadfast donors. From design to installation, let signgeek partner with you to create something great for your loyal support cast.

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