Why Are Employee Recognition Walls so Important?

Employee Photo Walls Improve Company Morale

First and foremost, employee photo displays honor your hard working employees. These employee recognition walls can showcase the whole team and ensure that each individual is featured. Acknowledging your staff creates employee loyalty while building camaraderie across the company. When you include your company logo and mission statement, this also fosters brand continuity in your corporate space while building customer loyalty, as well. High morale in the workplace leads to a more productive and efficient work environment for your establishment. Creating a positive company culture makes your office a more enjoyable workspace for all. So, why not celebrate those who have contributed to the success of the company with an employee photo wall? 

Board of Directors lobby photo display for Baptist Hospital.
Employee recognition walls can tie in brand logos and colors with recognition. Board of Directors display built by signgeek.

Recognition Displays Highlight Your Corporate Leadership and Awardees

Recognition walls can also play a role in highlighting corporate leadership roles. It is important to show continual appreciation for your organization’s core group of leaders; the individuals who provide a vision to your employees and take it on themselves to motivate and inspire the workforce. Leadership display boards can be expandable for any potential updates in leadership roles and changes in tenure. Additionally, photo walls can showcase employee achievements and successes such as award recipients of the month, quarter, etc. Showcasing the front runners within your office can encourage fellow employees to follow suit and aim to do their best work. Having a personal photo make it to the employee of the month wall could become an attainable goal to strive for each day for your employees.

Military Leadership Photo Wall with Interchangeable Frames
Corporate leadership walls can be updated to suit any changes in a line of command. Military leadership wall built by signgeek.

Walls of Fame Honor The Past and Influence the Future

It’s important to recognize those who have built your organization. Walls of honor can pay tribute to longtime employees who’ve left a lasting legacy on your company. Celebrate their accomplishments with a stunning display to memorialize them via photographs and informational panels. Publicly appreciating years of service can influence potential longevity within the brand for other company employees. Furthermore, letting your new and future team members know their work won’t go unnoticed can incentivize them to work hard for your company. Photo walls can bridge the past to the present for your current and former employees.

Naval Medal of Honor tribute display with photo frames and information panels
Paying tribute to the past with an Honor Wall can encourage the future of your organization. Medal of Honor display design and build by signgeek.

Corporate Wall Displays Provide Acknowledgement In Various Fields of Work

Recognition displays do an excellent job of commending those who put service beyond self on a daily basis – whether it involves military leadership, directing healthcare, or working as a first responder. Commemorating those individuals encourages your diligent workforce to continue on in completing their duties and being proud of their team and the people in it. No matter what industry you are in, all appreciate kudos on a job well done. Office morale rises when you applaud your committed team members. You can do this by providing a beautiful hallway or lobby centerpiece for all to see.

Corporate Photo Wall for Naval Hospital Pensacola
Corporate wall displays provide acknowledgement in fields of work ranging from healthcare to military leadership. NHP display built by signgeek.

Employee Recognition Walls Have Flexible Design Options

Another advantage of using employee photo walls is their versatility within the design and production process. The display manufacturer will work with you to select designs and materials based on the size of your company, brand identity, recognition goals, budget and installation environment. Partnering with a manufacturer that knows how to creatively honor employees is a crucial step in the corporate recognition process. We here at signgeek have designed, built and installed a wide variety of employee and corporate recognition walls for military, law enforcement and healthcare facilities. Our team has built many recognition displays spanning from 8-person to 100-person wall displays. Browse our corporate and employee recognition gallery to see some projects we’ve been working on. For more information on our Recognition Display products, contact our sales team at 1-850-434-6060 or [email protected].

Employee Recognition Wall for Bonner Springs Police Department
signgeek designs, builds and installs custom recognition walls based on company goals and needs.

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