The Best Ways to Recognize Important Donors

Acknowledging the donations from your loyal patrons is important for the future of your organization. You want your supporters to feel cared for, valued and recognized. After all, they have helped build and support your institution and its values. There are several different ways you can show your donors thanks. Below are our three best ways you can show donor recognition.

1. Donor Recognition Displays

YMCA Donor Wall
Wall of Donors for YMCA Pensacola. Designed and fabricated by signgeek.

Donor recognition walls are a creative way to get your thanks up on a wall. These displays can take on the form of a board, dimensional wall display, and more. Donor walls are great when thanking many names at one time. When planning a donor wall, keep in mind donation tiers and what would work best for the space you are given. (Hallways, lobby, stairwells, etc.) Donor recognition walls can also be 2-D in the form of a printed wall mural highlighting your benefactors.

2. Donor-Sponsored Signage

YMCA Pensacola Donor Room Signs
YMCA room signs sponsored by various donors. Manufactured and installed by signgeek.

Another great way to display your donors names throughout your space is through signs. Donors can sponsor specific room id, restroom, and area signs. Deciding on this route is a win-win because while you are thanking your donors, you are guiding your visitors. When planning out your donor signs you would want to include the donor’s name alongside the location. Furthermore, including your branding wouldn’t hurt either. Blending your brand with donor recognition will increase awareness while thanking those who’ve contributed to your organization.

3. Donor Recognition Systems

Donor recognition walls and donor room signs for Manna Food Pantries
Wall of Donors and History for Manna Food Pantries.

A complete donor system uses signage, wayfinding and wall displays as part of a donor relations plan. These systems can be developed to fit your organization’s donor needs, and designed to suit your donor update schedule. You can infuse your brand’s identity colors throughout the recognition program for consistent brand messaging and a cohesive branded environment. Why stop at just one display option when it comes to giving a big thanks to your donors?

4. Why You Should Recognize Your Donors

It’s a great gesture to value and thank those who’ve faithfully given to your organization. After all, donor recognition is a two-way street. Both you and your donors want to see your organization succeed and improve your community. You have a common goal in mind of helping others. Acknowledging the philanthropic efforts of your patrons displays a crucial partnership within your organization’s history for all to see. Plus, it’s a great reason to have a party!

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