Wall Divider


Jumbled letters of various height were conformed to this rectangular shape to create a wall divider. The method of typography was intertwined in the conceptual art.

For the first layer, we CNC routed the outline of the letters from single piece of half-inch thick PVC. For the second layer, we CNC routed specific letters that we wanted to stand out (you can see the dimension between the layers in the picture above). Within the typography spells our company name, SignGeek, with thickness measuring the most at 3 inches.
CNC routed letter wall dividerWe wanted to be able to maneuver this wall divider smoothly into placements where we need it best. So we took Elsa’s advise [from the movie Frozen], “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know — Let it Go!” We concealed 4 wheels attached to the base. No one would really know that it was steady placed on wheels, until you let it go! Get it.

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