Pensacola Airport Duratran Posters

Traveling means exciting locations and fun-filled adventure, but when flights get cancelled, or you have a string of long layovers, you will not want to have any more hang ups once you reach your destination. Departure Media is an airport advertising company that aids millions of travelers that pass through airports each year. Duratran Posters displayed in light box at the Pensacola airport baggage claim.Traveling to unfamiliar cities can have their own share of frustrations, but the walls of the Pensacola International Airport are lined with Duratran Posters meant to help resolve any travel woes.

Airport advertisements are characterized by Duratran Posters that are displayed inside of a light box back-lit by fluorescent or LED. Now, you can see the glow of the Downtown Pensacola advertisement as your pick up your luggage in the baggage claim.  The Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) has worked hard over the past few years to revitalize community involvement and the overall economy — what better way than to have some yummy restaurant additions! Food is one of the first thoughts after a long day of travel, isn’t it?

Pensacola International Airport has over 4,000 passengers fly through. If you are a business owner interested in advertising, this means a lot of exposure for your company. Signgeek can help design, print, and install these duratran posters for your airport advertising. Give us a call today to discuss the many options for your advertising needs.

Duratran Posters displayed in light box at the Pensacola airport baggage claim.

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