No Smoking Signs

There has been a strong push to end the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products for some time now, and just in the past few years the push has gotten stronger with graphic commercials and advertising to show the harsh side effects of using tobacco. Companies, like the convenience store, CVS, are even joining in to make cigarettes a little harder to get a hold of. The Medical Center Clinic in Pensacola has joined in the good fight to help end tobacco usage by declaring their campus to be tobacco free. We at signgeek are proud to be a part of this tobacco-free movement for our local area.

No Smoking 2In order to let the public know the intentions of the Medical Center Clinic, there needed to be lots of no smoking signs for people to see. The signgeek crew helped to design, print, and install signs around the campus, on the buildings and even stop signs. We printed on coroplast to place in the grassy areas, and then we printed and installed aluminum composite signs that provides more durability and a more permanent option.

The tobacco-free initiative suggests a healthier lifestyle, but it will help to foster a healthier environment, too. The Medical Center Clinic has a nice pond near the front entrance that allows guests and employees to relax and enjoy nature.

No Smoking 1Living at the pond are about a dozen ducks to feed and turtles catching sun rays on logs. Tobacco is harmful to humans, but the debris left over from tobacco usage, cigarettes especially, could cause serious harm to the animals that call the pond home.

All in all, the decision to make the campus of the Medical Center Clinic tobacco free is a wonder initiative for a healthier you, but also to protect the precious wildlife, too.

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