Monthly: October 2014

Nom Sushi Izakaya

Downtown Pensacola is known for its culture, nightlife, and shopping.  The dining scene deserves a category of its own – especially now that Nom Sushi Izakaya has arrived. The newest addition to the downtown cuisine is bringing a more intimate dining experience that designs their food around their unique drink concoctions ( that is the meaning of “izakaya“, […]

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PYP Trade Show — Hello! We’re the geeks

Bali Adventure Sky Tours

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Well, actually, it’s a helicopter… Bali Adventure Tours is a world class tour company that creates a unique experience for those who want to see Bali, Indonesia. You will be whisked away on an elephant safari, white water rafting, trekking through the jungle, mountain climbing, and now you can get an aerial view of Bali […]

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